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Coach tosses a ball into play and players are only allowed to use the overhead pass or set. Three overhead passes and then the ball must be sent over the net to the other team. Regardless of what position a player is in, they will ONLY use the overhead pass. This also helps for their teammates to make sure they are overhead passing the ball high enough for their teammate to get under it.

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5 Volleyball Setting Drills. Use Your (Fore)head. DRILL DESCRIPTION: Two players face each other and set balls back and forth. The correct body position is with the ball, forehead ... Long Distance Sets. One and Freeze.

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Serving Games. This is a fairly common serving game that you likely encountered either as a player or as a seasoned coach. However, if you are new to coaching, you may not be aware that such a fun, easy volleyball serving drill exists! DEAD FISH. Split up two teams evenly of any number, say 5 vs 5, and have each team go to opposite serving lines.

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Setting, Hitting Whitney Bartiuk August 15, 2016 Youth Volleyball, Middle School Volleyball, High School Volleyball, Drills, Skills, Games, Easy and Fun, Simple, Full Practice Plan Comments Competitive and Fun Setting Drill for 8th Graders: Popcorn

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8 Drills & Mini-Games for Building Volleyball Skills. Keep It Up. This is a great activity to introduce volleying and striking to your K-2 students. Scatter students throughout the area (best indoors to ... The Shephard. Passing 21. Volleyball 4-Square. Volley Tennis.

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Again for these drills I am assuming that the players already know how to set a volleyball. Volley Battle. The first setting game is one I like to call volley battle. This game requires two players, one on each side of the net. Using cones or other markings create a small circle that encapsulates the two players.

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From a coaching perspective, these types of volleyball games are great because they are very flexible. There are all kinds of ways you can adjust them to focus on what you want to practice. You can start them with a serve, a free ball, or some kind of attacked ball depending on your priorities.

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Blanket Volleyball. This game will help your young volleyball player learn how to work within a team. Separate children into teams of four and give each team a blanket. Place two teams on opposite sides of the volleyball net, holding the blanket with one player at each corner of the blanket.