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How to Bump a Volleyball: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

The bump, professionally known as a pass, is the most basic and most essential skill in volleyball. The bump is used to hit a ball that is below the head, or at your platform as most volleyball players would call it, and is typically used as the first touch to receive a serve or to receive a hard driven hit.

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Best Answer. Copy. A bump in volleyball is were you but your hands together do your arms are in a v shape and when the volleyball comes over the net you want to hit the volleyball with your forearm...

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A bump, also known as the forearm pass, is the action of playing the ball with both forearms out in front of you. The platform is created when you place your wrists together and get your elbows as close together as you can. The optimum point of co...

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it depends on in which way it is used it the text. it can mean that two people crash into eachther or like a speed bump and maybe other things too.

Volleyball Terms | Volleyball for Beginners

A bump set is made with a player’s forearms. A player can also set the ball over the net on the first, second or third contact with the same motion. Hit/attack/spike

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BUMP – a common term for forearm passing. BALL HANDLING ERROR – Any time the official calls a double hit, a thrown ball or a lift (except on a serve reception or attack). For our purposes, this category also includes any blocking errors (when an official calls a blocker for a violation such as going into the net, centerline violation,

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A player who attempts to hit a ball offensively with the purpose of ending play in his or her team’s favor and gaining a point or sideout. ATTACK LINE – A line 10 ft. from the net that separates the front row players from the back row players. Commonly referred to as the “10-foot line.”.

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Bump : A first hit or pass that is used to set an attack. Carry: A fault in which the volleyball is held for too long of time in the player's hands. Cross: A play in which the middle hitter jumps for a one, and the weak-side hitter, having moved to the middle of the court, takes an approach for a two at the same location.