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Basketball Dribbling Cues Assessment in PE Class

You can check out our Cues Posters on our Poster Tour Page. 3 Cues I use for the Basketball Dribble. Fingerpads; Waist Level; Eyes Up; Stations: After a quick warmup (here’s a few ideas), I explain to students that they will be working on their basketball skills in 4 different stations (PS – Tips for teaching with station activities):

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Basketball: Unit 7 Skill Cues Learn It! Bounce Pass Grip ball with both hands, fi ngers wide, thumbs down, eyes on target, ball touching chest. Step toward target, apply force, push ball downward to bounce on ground halfway between body and target, release, follow through by extending arms and thumbs facing down. Dribbling

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What are the 3 cues for dribbling a basketball? 3 Cues I use for the Basketball Dribble. Fingerpads. Waist Level. Eyes Up. What are 4/5 important skills of dribbling? Soccer Dribbling is a very important aspect of soccer. Effective soccer dribblng will create goal scoring opportunities. Reat more for the effective dribbling qualities for soccer players.

Basketball Dribbling Activities

Organization: Review the dribbling cues: "Basketball Frenzy": Scatter the basketballs on the gym floor and have the students stand next to a basketball. On the "go" signal, each student will pick up a basketball and dribble it two times, leave it, move to another ball and dribble it two times.

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Students work on dribbling skills while following directions and also listening to music. They dance the Cha-Cha slide according to its directions and add the dribble of the basketball with the number of "stomps" and right or left as...

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Basketball Dribbling Cues Assessment. At the end of the unit I give my 2nd graders a verbal quiz to see if they know the 3 cues for a basketball dribble, this is one of our common report card assessments for 2nd grade (details on how I do grades here).

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Use your fingerpads--not your fingertips. Keep ball at your side for control. Keep ball at waist level or lower. Keep the ball in your "foot pocket" which is done by dropping the right foot behind your left foot (right handers).

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This colorful "Hand Dribbling Cues" poster breaks down the steps involved in dribbling a ball while moving, successfully. Dribbling, using your hands, is a "standards-based", manipulative skill that is important for students to master in order to be successful... Pinterest. Today.